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5 great myths about website hosting

Understanding the operation and features of a website hosting is still a challenge for many people. In addition, mismatched information can further complicate the lives of those looking for the best accommodation options. Discover 5 great common myths about website hosting and better understand how it works.

Windows is better than Linux?

It is common for companies to offer options on Linux and Windows platforms. You may have already wondered which one is the best option. As Microsoft users are common in Brazil – making use of other products in their daily lives – many people cling to the idea that Windows is the best option in terms of hosting. They also think, wrongly, that if they use Linux they can have problems opening and viewing the site.

Dear mistake! When you hire a hosting service, you are purchasing the use of a web server. These servers are available 24 hours a day and regardless of the server, Windows or Linux, make the website pages available as requested by the user’s computer, and can be accessed regardless of the operating system of your machine. One has nothing to do with the other. Linux servers are just as efficient or more efficient than the others, and there is no need to make adjustments to the system of those who access them. The difference is really in the language and tools you have:

Linux servers: they usually have an Apache web server and support programming languages ​​such as PHP, Perl, Python and JSP, as well as databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Windows Servers: Use IIS and support all the mentioned languages, in addition to ASP or ASP.Net languages ​​and databases such as SQL Server, etc.

The choice between one type of server and another should, in fact, be based on the type of website you want to create or host. For example, if your website is WordPress or Joomla, the best option – if not the only one – is to use Linux hosting. If the decision factor is price, Linux hosting is generally cheaper and more secure than Windows. Before opting for hosting, you need to understand the needs of your website.

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Is there unlimited website hosting?

But is the hosting really unlimited? How does it work? This is one of the great myths about website hosting . Is there an infinite or unlimited HD on the market? No – and the same goes for hosting services. As much as the hosting company has an excellent capacity and structure, there is no way to guarantee that your hosting is unlimited. It sells in its unlimited plan a space capable of appearing unlimited, but the moment it has more customers to share the server, it may be that they no longer have all this capacity available, if they do not also expand their resources. Before hiring an unlimited plan, check what the company promises and what the terms of use are. It is always recommended to check the high capacity plans, but with determined limits, too.

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This is a common mistake for those who do not have much experience in the subject. Domain is not the same as hosting. The domain is the address (personalized or not) of your website (, your identity on the Internet. It has several extensions (or suffixes), the most common among Brazilians “.com” and “” and has annual plans (or extended for longer periods). Hosting, on the other hand, is a service hired from a company that gives you space to publish your website and keep it up. It is the place where your website codes, content and resources will be archived.

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Which is better: American servers or Brazilian servers?

Many people believe that American servers are vastly better than Brazilians. This is relative. It is true to say that there are many options in terms of accommodation in the United States, since there are more companies and time to develop related technologies there than in Brazil. However, the Brazilian market has been growing a lot, presenting great hosting services. It is important to say that the server plans sold there and here, by the same company, have drastic differences. A Brazilian company can hire a high capacity server for R $ 2 thousand, and the same product there is offered for 10% of this value.

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The offer of connectivity in Brazil is still very expensive in relation to American servers – there, competitiveness is greater, which lowers prices. Hosting services in Brazil are booming. The biggest challenge is to expand the capacity and the technology used, in addition to improving the service as a whole – because in general it leaves something to be desired. But there are great options in Brazil, for all needs, with support in Portuguese. The customer just needs to research well according to their demand.

Is free hosting a good option?

Free hosting can be a big problem . For professional, institutional sites that want to offer credibility, perhaps the best option is to pay for the service – even if it is a plan with minimum amounts. In general, websites with hosted on free servers are slower and unstable. But they serve very well for those who want to learn more about the internet, how to make websites, dedicate themselves to a blog, take tests, etc.

It is worth remembering that not just because they are advertised as “free”, these accommodations are in fact. There are restrictions, features that must be purchased, mandatory advertisements and pop-ups and banners, or free of charge for a short period of time (later the customer can pay high prices for the service) and several other abusive actions. Of course, there are exceptions. There are companies that offer average options in projects to motivate entrepreneurship and partnerships with institutions of business and technological development, for example. There are also some platform creation options that already offer hosting for free or for low prices. But you have to do a lot of research and read between the lines.