The straw hat, an accessory with timeless elegance

The straw hat is a timeless accessory that can be used in infinite combinations.

From the most glamorous outfits, with a sundress and low sandal , to the more casual ones, with a shirt and a particular jeans , up to the timeless beach look, with the maxi kaftan and a precious sandal .

Especially in summer, when the weather gets hot, the straw hat will be the perfect ally to feel elegant and protect yourself from the sun.

Like many garments that have become must haves, the straw hat has its roots in popular tradition. Before becoming the favorite accessory of the great divas of the 50s to protect their beauty from the sun, the straw hat was used by women who worked in the fields to create a little shade above the head during the hottest hours.

For example, in the film “Bitter rice”, with the timeless Silvana Mangano, you often see yourself covering the head of the rice peasants, the rice field workers.

The straw hat evokes in our imagination a scenario of seaside holidays, like a movie star.

Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot; but also Julia Roberts in the film “Pretty Woman” in the scene of her wild shopping, proving the fact that it is not just a beach accessory.

The strength of the straw hat lies in the infinite variety of its forms .

There are those with very wide brim, capable of covering the shoulders; those who remember Panama; the French-style models flattened above the head and those with caps.

Even the weaving of straw can make the difference, perhaps with a contrasting fabric that makes it stand out.

It is an accessory that can be personalized in many different ways , playing with the colors and sizes of the ribbons that are usually applied between the top of the garment and the brim of the hat or by applying a particular pin that speaks of our style.

Is there perhaps a more elegant and feminine gesture of taking off a straw hat in one movement and waving your hair in the wind to revive the fold? We believe not!

Dresses with prints, the fabric is colored

The dresses with the prints dress the fabric in color, with ever-changing floral patterns, always new.

In summer, the printed fabric becomes the protagonist, with a mix of colors and motifs that alternate and break the routine of the solid color.

Why exactly in summer? Because it is the season of light, of color; golden skin and sunset over the sea.

In summer everything becomes play, fantasy, there is a desire for freshness, to interrupt the daily routine. The dresses with the prints are the one-way ticket to this journey in color.

Never excessive, if combined with art they can be a real passepartout from morning to evening, from the office to the aperitif.

Dresses with prints, how to choose them?

As often happens in fashion, the answer may be that the only limit is your imagination!

The offer on the market is so wide, varied and rich that there are prints and fabrics, packed in as many dresses, sweaters, blouses and pants for all tastes.

From the 70s optical geometric to the boho chic floral print; from the visionary fantasy mix that combines all different motifs but together, capable of having a fantasy flavor to the minimal, essential print.

The dresses with the prints are perfect to be combined with a classic solid color garment.

Do you want to give personality to a white T-shirt? With a printed maxi skirt and a low lace-up you will have an original, unique day outfit.

Arriving ceremony? Try a long dress revised in a printed key. The charm of a dress that reaches down to the feet made original by a motif capable of giving the dress its own personality.

Dresses with prints are suitable for use in many different situations.

Perfect for the beach, over the years they have been able to find their place also in the urban and ceremonial styles.

We know how important details are, how they are capable of making a difference.