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In the 21st century, everyone already understood that what we wear says a lot about who we are. I always say that myself! And, in this whole process, an item has a fundamental role: color. But not only a color, but complementary colors and how we take advantage of this rainbow of possibilities.

While they can lift the look, the colors can also bring you down in seconds. The choice of colors directly interferes with our physical image and represents the way we feel. So today I’m going to talk about complementary combinations in women’s looks and how to use colors to our advantage.

Before we start and enter the fashion universe, we first need to understand what complementary colors are and what they are. So, come on

Nature has a very special color palette: the rainbow.

It is formed by red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

To facilitate studies, these colors are organized in a circle of 6 colors (excluding indigo) called “Chromatic Circle”. As the colors of this circle produce several combinations with each other, its composition can have 12 colors: 3 primary, 3 secondary (obtained through the mixture of primary colors) and 6 tertiary (mixture of primary and secondary colors). Like this:

You can print a color circle and leave it in the wardrobe to help them choose colors better and create very different looks when dressing, both with plain colors and with prints.sobia nazir


Complementary colors are those that occupy sobia nazir opposite places in the chromatic circle. In other words, they have no similarity, quite the opposite: when compared, they show greater contrast between them.

In order not to make a mistake, remember that the complementary colors are facing each other at an angle of 180 ° in the circle. Therefore, the complement of a primary color will be a secondary color. The complement of a secondary color will be a primary color. The complement of a tertiary color will be another tertiary color.


Now that we understand what the color circle is, we can finally get to our wardrobe! The combinations with complementary colors are very bold and produce some of the most interesting results in the fashion universe.

When a person does the Image Consulting process, in addition to knowing which colors are the most important and making them look healthy, they also learn to use the color circle in their favor, an essential technique to definitely understand how to wear looks. feminine colors making bold compositions that are out of the ordinary.

So, before any change in the closet, it is necessary to understand this change within us, in our personality and self-esteem, to be able to carry them with us.

Do you want a tip to make the complementary combination?

It’s simple: choose a cold color and a warm color. For example, red and green; blue and orange; yellow and purple. I’ll talk more about that next.

#Honey’s Tip for a modern and harmonious look: choose a color piece with more contrast and the others with less intensity. If the option is for complementary colors in clothes, use accessories in neutral colors.

Combinations with complementary colors convey a message of informality and creativity, while also expressing youthfulness. I have separated some examples of interesting looks to inspire you: