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There are days when choosing clothes to leave the house seems like a real Hercules job. We want to wear pants, but we don’t want to repeat the look of last week. So, choosing a different blouse is the solution. But then the problem becomes… which shirt to choose? Have you thought about having a lookbook to help you?


Well, we’ve all been through the situations described above, right !? What if I tell you that there is a very practical way to eliminate this problem once and for all? Well, believe me, there is!

The way to end indecision when dressing is the lookbook, a record of the combinations of clothes we make with the pieces we already have.
With it, we gain more practicality on a daily basis, as it is a guide of looks that are already ready to wear. Nobody else will be hypnotized in front of the closet wondering: what clothes do I wear today? The options will be there for consultation when they need them.

So that each one can make the most of this experience, the ideal is to know their own style well and to know which are the pieces that most favor their physical type. With this knowledge, it will be easier to put together accurate looks that have to do with your personality.khaadi online


Creating a lookbook is a simple task and it can be very enjoyable. You can print the record (on photographic or plain paper), you can choose to leave it on your cell phone / tablet, or even use an online program. Using a Polaroid machine is also a great idea. The important thing is to register your looks and leave them always at hand.


• Set aside a day to take the photos. It is good to do with time. Each one can register on their own, but meeting with one or more friends can be fun and practical too, as it makes it easier to shoot from different angles.

• Look carefully at your closets and enjoy everything: pants, skirts, dresses, shorts, shirts, blouses, scarves, bags, shoes, necklaces… whew! Consider everything that can be used to create compositions. Don’t be afraid to try as nishat many combinations as possible. Also consider using the parts of the sets separately. Those that you don’t approve of, don’t need to be photographed or saved. The important thing is to leave nothing behind.

• To organize better, images can be divided into categories, such as work, leisure and night, for example. But it is worth using any other category that makes sense. However, the aim of the lookbook is practicality, so creating millions of categories that may not be used is not the best idea.

• When the book is ready, you can use it to separate clothes for the next day or weeks or to choose what to wear at that dinner at friends’ house or at the business meeting.

• There is also the possibility to photograph only the pieces combined with each other. You can put them all on the floor or on the bed and photograph each option. This alternative is less comprehensive, because it does not give an exact idea of ​​how the composition will look in the body. But it sure helps a lot.

It is good to mention that the lookbook is not an activity to be performed only once. In fact, it is more of an ongoing process, which always deserves updates. So:

→ If any combination escapes, remember to register each new look.

→ When you buy new clothes, create compositions of the new pieces with the ones you already have and register.

After a while, you will find that it will be much easier to buy clothes consciously. You will also find it much easier to separate clothes for donations or thrift stores. After all, if any piece doesn’t really match your style, you don’t have to keep it. Ah yes, at that time, you will also know if any parts need repairs.

The most organized ones can even write down the day and place where the combination was used, thus making it easier to avoid repetitions.

Another great advantage of a lookbook is to help you pack your travel bag. Printed photos can travel with combinations so there is no doubt.

If you feel you need extra help to create the book, consider having an Image and Style Consultancy . She will be able to lend a helping hand to optimize the use of her wardrobe, combine the pieces and accessories and create new compositions with styling touches, while always respecting her style and the shape of her body.