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Learn How to Assemble Wool Coat Looks on Cold Days

The wool coat looks are perfect for you to stay warm and stylish on cold days. The piece will be your great ally in times when temperatures drop in Brazil, especially in the southern regions. It is also ideal for more cold international destinations.

Want to learn how to create amazing looks with a good coat?

Don’t miss the article we prepared for you and get inspired with the ideas!

Advantages of having a good wool coat
But, before we talk about looks with a wool coat, do you know why this piece cannot be missing from your wardrobe?

The model is a winter classic, which works as the last layer of clothing , which goes on top of all others. That is, it is precisely the coat that will finalize the look and draw more attention.

Therefore, ensuring a high quality product, such as those from TchĂȘ Inverno , is essential to take advantage of all the advantages of having this piece, such as:

nishat linen

extra heating on cold days;

more charm and elegance in their looks;
high durability and resistance, so you will have a coat that will
accompany during many winters and trips;
timelessness, that is, it never goes out of nishat linen style;
versatility to create the most diverse looks.
Tips for assembling wool coat looks
Now that you know the advantages of this winter piece, it’s time to find out how to create your looks. Meet some inspirations!

1. Color combination

The main doubt when creating looks with a wool coat is knowing how to combine colors. Betting only on winter tones – like black, gray and burgundy – is easy, as they are more sober and easier to use.

However, another sure way is to follow the color wheel. Bet on complementary tones (opposites that combine, such as blue and orange), monochromatic (different shades of the same color) or nishat linen analogous colors (close tones, such as green and blue).

2. Classic look

Do you know that combination that doesn’t fail? It is possible to create it with a wool coat combined with tight pants (leggings or jeans), boots and warm blouses. The variation can occur due to the secondary parts.

3. Elegance and protection

Now, if you want to add more elegance, pay attention to details in your composition. A cacharrel blouse with fake leather pants and high-heeled boots will do the trick. Another tip is to opt for models of wool coat with belts and fur collar .

4. More charm for the composition

The coat can also be well combined with skirts and dresses. The result is a charming and very feminine look! In order not to feel cold in the legs, bet on an 80 thread tights or over knee boots.

5. Add accessories

Don’t forget to add accessories to your look. In addition to warming up, scarves, gloves and caps will help you diversify your looks, so they are one of the secrets to assembling a complete winter suitcase .

Did you like the tips for creating wool coat looks? Now it’s time to put them into practice with the best products to keep you warm in low temperatures.

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