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My money, my rules

Don’t leave your credit card near a woman “.

“ The woman didn’t come into the world, she went shopping ”, and so on. We know that stereotypes change according to the social profile, but many women have heard at least one of these phrases or a variation of them at least once.

In fact, we are also encouraged to consume (and be charged) all the time. For example: makeup, skin and hair care routines, clothes, accessories, shoes, decoration, social networks, etc. All of this affects our habits and desires. And that is one of the reasons why it is different to talk about money with women.

Tips on how to get organized financially

From stereotype to history
There are historical reasons why we women are less immersed in the world of finance than men. Did you know that it was only in 1962 that women were able to have

frock design That is, it is not even 70 years ago that Brazilian women can have a bank account in their names, rent a house, among other things.nishat linen

Tips on how to get organized financially

This is extremely important for us to understand because, although this sounds strange, the idea is so recent that a woman can have financial independence without depending on a husband / father. We have been in the labor market for much less time, but also in the banking system. And, consequently, in the investment market.

And the icing on the cake: we are also very influenced by social expectations about us. And we know that expectations about women are very different from expectations about men when it comes to money. Historically, they have received much more of this pressure to earn and save money.

After all, this is even tied to the idea of ​​masculinity these days. This conversation will take many years to deconstruct the concepts of toxic masculinity in which the man must be the provider, “infallible”. But that is a subject for another text.

Know your priorities
Well, now that we earn our own money and own our noses, we need to talk about how to nishat linen spend it in the best way. Thus, we can have a sustainable heritage for the future.

Each has its priorities, each knows what brings him the most happiness and therefore knows how to spend and invest his own money. The important thing is to be clear about what is a priority for you, what is not (which is just as important).

That way, you can set up a budget that makes sense with these priorities and thereby be able to buy what you want without any weight on your conscience. At the same time, save and invest regularly because you have already decided what you are not going to spend.

Tips on how to get organized financially

And yes, these priorities may involve clothes, shoes, makeup, but it is also important that they involve independence, retirement and dreams. It goes from your self-knowledge, from plans for your life, from what gives you pleasure. When we are clear about what is a priority, it is easier to give up other things that are not and have a budget close at the end of the month.