This is another type of marketing destined to grow, which is attracting the attention of companies. Affiliate links will become increasingly frequent on social media platforms, allowing the most diverse people to work with affiliate marketing or get in touch with it. If you are looking for information on how to work best on social networks and with affiliation, be sure to follow us on our Twitter channel. For example, we just shared this interesting article  right on Instagram.

Social media

Social media, I hate and love users from all over the world, in the past two years have faced several problems including fake news, fake accounts and lack of privacy.  Facebook announced that its platform would return to its roots in 2019, starting to be primarily a tool for connecting with friends and family. This led some affiliates to wonder what impact this would have on their advertising activities. The success of social media should not be based on the number of followers and shares, but rather on the trust that users show they have towards a specific brand and how they communicate it thanks to digital platforms. Those who share useful and quality information attract new followers (if they haven’t understood it yet) and consequently new shares.

User experience

Your user is more important than Google. Optimize all landing pages by thinking first of visitors, rather than web crawlers. The page should load quickly and communicate the most important information immediately, without having to go and look for it. The better the user experience, the higher the ranking on search engines.

Publishers should obviously prefer merchant affiliate programs with a good quality site, which gives importance to the user experience and therefore facilitates future conversions. Yes, therefore to brands that aim to build authoritativeness in their target market, offering solutions to the problems of their users.

Responsive sites

According to ComScore , users who surf the internet exclusively from mobile are many more than those who access it only from the desktop. Having a responsive mobile site is crucial, especially for Google’s algorithms, or who determines its effective positioning. Usability and speed are becoming increasingly important, so publishers also need to make sure that all properties perform excellently, both on the desktop and on all mobile devices. Earlier this year, Google launched the first mobile-first algorithm, thus underlining the importance of a hand device mentality, for all platforms.


Being different and thinking “out of the box” will be decisive for anticipating future trends and evolutions, given that the audience is increasingly calling for originality and new ideas. Your marketing campaigns will have to be creative and unique, nothing should be left to chance. Attention therefore to details, starting from the visual up to obviously the text and the choice of products and services advertised.


The GDPR has just turned one year old , and it is clear how significant its impact will continue to be on all online players. Some of the smaller businesses still struggle to manage these new obligations, both in terms of costs and legal requirements per se. Affiliate marketing itself has among its actors publishers of different sizes and experience: entrepreneurs, freelancers but also giants of the publishing world. Obviously for larger companies it is easier to easily set up the infrastructure needed to comply with the new regulations, while remaining competitive, a trend  common to all countries . Even early businesses, however, can, indeed must, remain informed and ask for support where necessary. 

360 ° vision

Justin Cooke, founder of Empire Flippers, has declared that he wants to see more and more publisher sites that adopt a “holistic vision” towards their visitors, acting as real shopping consultants for their consumers – source .

The latter in fact want to be sure they are at the center of the brands they trust. Having an overview will be a crucial aspect for the long-term success of those who work with the affiliate, and this means organizing all the channels involved according to a structured strategy based on a common goal. This could translate into an increase in email campaigns, with the use of customized, segmented and highly profiled drip campaigns.

To conclude

Affiliate marketing is therefore starting to pay increasing attention to the customer experience. Finding your own field of expertise, becoming the sector’s reference point, making link building and always guaranteeing an excellent user experience to consumers, are the factors that will guarantee lasting partnerships