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Colorbook: monochrome looks

We don’t get tired of talking about colors here.

They make all the difference when you send messages with your look. And when you have a desire from head to toe, whether for a calm or energetic day, productions that abuse one color come to your advantage. Therefore, today is the day of our book to bring a new chapter: monochromatic looks.

Assembling a monochromatic look is nothing more than using pieces of the same color. You can vary between tones,  khaadi onlinelight, dark, pastel, but the color is always the same, thus composing a harmony.

In the open
Monochromatic looks

Monochromatic looks do not live only in vibrant tones. The bright ones also have their space and pieces in colors like white, beige and offwhite can stand out in the look of the day.

To give a touch of bossa to the look, choose pieces with textures and shapes that run away from the obvious. The laise can be a great option, because in addition to adding fashion information, it prints a romantic mood in the right measure. Other colors in accessories and shoes are very welcome.

Monochromatic looks

The black color is the guarantee of versatility of a look.

After all, for being a neutral tone, betting on a total black look is guaranteed success.

Playing with the proportions, details and materials can be the highlights that the mariab production needs. Thus, you take the hue out of the commonplace and make room for clothes that don’t go unnoticed.

Blue is the hottest color
Monochromatic looksmariab

The chic air of blue can star in your monochromatic look this time. One of its shades, Classic Blue, was chosen by Pantone as the color of the year 2020. And to inspire us, nothing better than bringing the sea and the sky to the productions.

Abuse dark or lighter tones. The color allows you to create a gradient to the look without leaving it over . Styling tricks on blouses can leave your pieces with another energy. Let blue be the protagonist!

Earth tones
Monochromatic looks

It is not today that we say that the earthy tones arrived to take the top of the looks of the season.

Especially because they reappear with a new approach: their vibrant variations do not make any production dull.

Orange is the most loved earth and investing in two pieces or a single one in the shade becomes a great choice, regardless of the occasion. The details really make all the difference, the ones that are even more strategic. Buttons and pockets can show that they didn’t come for fun when finishing the look.

Green I want you
Monochromatic looks

Green also takes the lead in terms of monochromatic looks.

The more closed tone of the color, which refers to nature, gains a more elegant perfume but still being cool .

A soft glow can elevate the status of any outfit. Our suggestions show that it can be monochromatic without leaving the shine aside. But, of course, you can play with the tones according to your personality and style. There’s green for everyone! In the accessories, bring other colors for the show.

Learn more about colors
Our colorbook has great tips for you to understand more about colors, combinations and create your own color block or monochrome look.

We have already talked about the match of the analogous colors , the perfect pairs of the complementary ones and the stylish triads . Interpret the tricks to your liking and have fun when putting together your palette. Add color to your days!