What is khaadi style

Inspired by the paths of Ruta del Mar , we rescued the desire to set foot on the road and get in touch with nature.

Any resemblance to the 70’s mood is no coincidence. It was this adventurous spirit that brought back the boho style . This time, redesigned by the sophistication of current urban fashion.

Undoubtedly, when it comes to the boho chic look , the first image that comes to mind involves embroidered gowns, flare pants and a lot of fringe. But this season, the style is not limited to the Coachella vibe that inhabits our imagination. The flowing fabrics and feminine details add extra lightness to the looks. In addition to a more refined look that does not resemble the hippies of the past.khaadi

What is boho chic style

The movement is boho
The fluid shapes, with puffed and ruffled sleeves, arrive to make the Bohemian style (hence the expression boho) even more chic. Therefore, long and midi dresses are the darlings of the time in our route , bringing movement and freedom to explore the world in style.

To update the look, it’s worth combining the button dress with jeans. Leave the garment open from the waist, as if it were a tunic. The styling trick creates an even more flowing and very charming silhouette. In fact, this contrast between light and rustic textures is a striking feature of the boho style. Take note!

What is khaadi style

To take it easy
The vest also takes advantage of the 70’s momentum to make its triumphant return. Following the boho primer , our version has an elongated shape and, therefore, values ​​the silhouette. In addition to, of course, bringing the handmade touch of knitting to everyday productions. It is the perfect piece for those who want to join the trend without jumping right into the most emblematic looks of the collection.

Another essential piece to bring a boho perfume to everyday looks is the

khaadi  t-shirt. Silks that flirt with mysticism pay tribute to the past and break the seriousness of office looks with a lot of charm.


Ethnic prints

In addition to vintage floral prints, contemporary boho prints incorporate ethnic and mystical references. Among them, one deserves to be highlighted: the print with paisley elements , inspired by the scarves and bandanas that made (literally) the head of hippies in the 70s. The difference is that now, instead of being just a detail, the print of Indian origin is the protagonist of the productions, appearing in total look versions.

It is worth remembering that, in the boho mood, the more printed, the better. So don’t be afraid to bet on maxi dresses and sets. Choose your favorite print and add a splash of color to your autumn-winter wardrobe.

What is boho chic style

Focus on details

Boho also brings back the appreciation of handcrafted pieces. After all, they are perfect to balance the lightness of the fabrics and shapes in this collection. Embroideries, for example, guarantee extra flair to the ruffled dress. And they bring the floral in an unexpected way to the bohemian look.

In addition to creating unique details on dresses, skirts and blouses, handmade touch also appears in textures and accessories desire to Ruta del Mar . Knitting, lace and wefts reminiscent of crochet – always present here – gain even more sophisticated versions.

What is boho chic style

And when it comes to accessories, bet on straw bags, stones and even raw crystals. That feirinha look has never been so hot.

On the feet, few things refer more to boho than a good pair of ankle boots . Short boots, with a western feel , look great when combined with flowing dresses and skirts. Not to mention that they bring more fashion information to the ideas gul ahmed  production.

Now that you are already aware of the trend that will dominate street style this autumn-winter, just place your bets and do well in this climate of peace and love.