Creating a blog that really works is only feasible if you make the right decisions right from the start

If you want to create a blog to earn money, your business idea must be clear and you must develop a content strategy capable of meeting your ideal customers.

Content relevant to your business but useful for your readers, positioned, capable of attracting new people on an ongoing basis and convincing them to explore your world of products and services.

Do you want to create a winning blog? You will need extraordinary content

After all, creating a beautiful blog is also quite simple, but  a winning blog  is not only the result of a CMS such as WordPress or copy-paste content. You have to be careful, because there is too much information on the subject on the web. Try searching for ” How to open a blog ” or even ” How to create a blog ” and you will be overwhelmed by the contents.

Why am I inviting you to do this research? To find competitors? To take you out of this blog and find alternatives? It sounds stupid, but I accept the risk, because I would like to make you understand that other people will also do so with your content

They will compare you to others, they will always put you in competition. People get informed before doing anything, before making any decision.

Therefore if you want a winning blog, you cannot ignore the competitors, and you cannot simply write like them, but become original, offer your point of view, your open and clear thinking on the topic covered.

This is the first feature of a winning blog. If you want to start a blog you will have to have a method and write extraordinary, original content, better than that of your competitors.

But no more talk! I promised you 5 blogging tips to find out how to open a winning blog. So let’s go.

1. Creating a focused blog is vital

Do you want to start a blog with some chances of success? You must remain focused , especially if you are alone or if very few of you keep it.

In practice: decide on a topic, which is one. Hold it  tight . Never leave the seed, or the main topic of the blog.

how to create a blog

Before opening a blog, take your time to focus on the topics you are going to discuss

Imagine creating a travel blog, or creating a cooking blog. If you are too general, it will become complex to manage and you will struggle to identify your ideal readers. Try to focus on a specific topic and give your best with all the passion you can. For example, you might think of creating a blog with vegan dessert recipes or concentrating on other special recipes, such as soups.

If you have a company, then creating a blog is imperative: you will be able to plan content in advance that becomes responses to your customers’ needs. In the long run, when you are able to write perfect posts that will rank on the search engines, the results will repay you for all your efforts.

You will have to write for a long time, and continuously. You will have to create a lot of content, and apply all the necessary strategies to bring traffic to the blog. Especially if you are at the beginning,  your passions will be the only push that will allow you to overcome fatigue  and have the right motivation: this is the right approach to create a winning blog.

Don’t do it just for interest, don’t create a blog just to earn, earnings must be a consequence of what you do. And what you do must make sense for a specific segment of people, who will then be the ones who will feed your business, since they will want your solutions.

And always consider that opening a blog is never free , as many want us to believe.

2. How to start a blog on the right foot?

You must know your reader and write only for him.

You can’t please everyone and you can’t write for everyone. You are about to create a blog, you will be called to make decisions:

What is your ideal reader?

What are you looking for?

What critical issues are you facing?

What can you do for him?

A clear answer to all these questions allows you to create a blog focused on your ideal customer, that person who is at the center of your web marketing strategies: your buyer personas

So, before starting your project and making a blog, you need to know who the person is potentially interested in your content: ask them,  imagine yourself talking to that person  and write exactly as if you were talking to them.

Do you want to create a wordpress blog and make people notice you?

You have to match your ideal reader with the topic you deal with: only if your content can be found by the right people will you have the basis for creating a blog that works.

Decide who you want to write for and never change . It seems a banality, instead it will make a difference, because you will know how to build a blog that speaks the language of your audience and deals with topics that excite you and attract your potential customers.

You will thus have a homogeneous audience, interested and able to understand what you write, since it will be written for them. You will see: it will make a difference both in the participation in the comments and in your social channels.

To deepen this topic – I repeat of fundamental importance – you can read the article I proposed above, or even evaluate the course on the  buyer person , the only ones who sooner or later will become your customers.