Long associated with the world of little girls, pink has been snubbed by many women for years. But this beautiful color that remains very feminine is making a comeback and it is even an excellent choice in terms of trendy evening dress. Here’s how to properly wear a pink evening dress .

How to properly wear a pink evening dress for different events
short powder pink cocktail dress with black lace strap
Powder pink short cocktail dress with black lace strap

There are so many shades of pink that it would be impossible to list them all here. We will therefore content ourselves sobia nazir with offering you the most fashionable ones. If you want to reflect the softness through an evening or cocktail dress, we recommend the powder pink. Very trendy, this shade is perfect for a simple and clean short chiffon evening dress.

Pink Evening Dress Long Strapless Heart Embellished Rhinestone Waterfall Skirt
Long powder pink evening dress with strapless heart embellished with crystals

If you are invited to a prestigious ceremony, a long and well-crafted pink evening dress is recommended. For the top, you can choose a bustier, a single-sleeve style or a beautiful low-plunge motifz neckline with long tattoo-effect sleeves. To attend a wedding or other more convivial event, opt instead for a cocktail dress that is both trendy and comfortable.

If you are looking for the right shade for a pink bridesmaid dress, it all depends on your theme and the predominant colors in your wedding decor in general. In bright tones, you have the choice between fuchsia and Hot Pink which has been very popular for some time. If you need a lighter tone for the pink bridesmaid dress, you can go for powdery, rosy beige, blush pink or just pale pink.

Accessorize a pink evening dress

Pink evening dress always rhymes with elegant clutch and classy pair of high-heeled shoes. So choose trendy models that will highlight the beauty of as well as your figure. Jewelry is also important, but only if you choose it discreet. You must also respect the rule al zohaib saying that you should never wear more than 3 jewels at the same time so as not to weigh down your look.

Whatever shade and style you choose for the pink evening dress , the good news is that this color pairs well with many other tones. You can therefore choose accessories in white, black, silver, gold, yellow or even blue to enhance the dress.


Choosing a wedding dress is by far the most stressful exercise for the vast majority of women. If this garment symbolizes on the one hand the realization of a childhood dream, on the other hand it is the garment in which you will say Yes for life to the loved one. As such, we all agree that it is important to appear more elegant than ever on this solemn occasion. And precisely when we speak of elegance, we often say that it results from a refined simplicity. This assertion poses the khaadi eid collection  problem of the ability to be elegant while simplicity on your wedding day. To provide an answer, Persun through this article invites you to discover simple wedding dresses , which will nevertheless know how to sublimate you.

pret wear

The trend of simple wedding dresses

Simple Bodycon Illusion Neck Cap Sleeve Lace Wedding Dress
Simple Sheath Open Back Lace Wedding Dress 2020

If usually the notion of the nuptial appearance refers us automatically to volumes, frills, endless trains and flowery lace, it turns out that it is not necessarily necessary to call on all this artillery to appear elegant on your wedding day. Popularized by followers of the Less is More concept, who claim sobriety as a religion, simple wedding dresses are just as elegant as sophisticated models. The only difference is that here, the lines are more refined and the cuts closer to the body and especially without too many frills. They thus grant a more natural khaadi sale  allure which exacerbates charm, femininity and sensuality in a pure state. Beyond all its stylistic details, simple wedding dressesare rather easy to wear, and quite comfortable; especially since you are going to be spending all day in there. Also, they have the advantage of being suitable for all styles of wedding whatever the season. But you still have to know how to choose them well.

To be glamorous in a simple wedding dress

simple chic wedding dress short in front long behind bustier heart
Simple wedding dress short in front long behind strapless

A simple wedding dress is not to be confused with an ordinary dress. Keep in mind that this is, above all, the most important day of your life, so a minimum of stylistic research is required. To do this, first of all, you have to know how to choose the material of your khaadi eid collection dress. The ideal obviously is to opt for noble and refined materials such as lace, chiffon, silk or jersey. After choosing the material that suits you, you must then choose a cut that best matches your body type and that knows how to highlight your strengths, without falling into vulgarity of course.

simple princess strapless romantic heart wedding dress

Along with your engagement ring and wedding band, incorporating bling can help you elevate your look. A large statement necklace or fascinator will look stunning against the clean lines of your simple and elegant wedding dress. If you are planning a beach wedding , let your hair down and add a stunning crystal headband for a magical look.

Champagne wedding dress v-neck strapless pleated waist embellished with flower and bow
Simple light champagne wedding pret wear dress v-neck backless belted with handmade flowers

You can even consider bridal sashes – a budget-friendly fashion fix that can change the look of your dress in seconds. Try on a satin or lace glove to add a truly vintage detail to your look or take a modern khaadi pret sale approach with detailed gloves that look sleek and sophisticated. However, avoid going overboard with the accessories, go for one or two carefully chosen pieces to give the plain dress a look and feel of luxury.

As experts in bridal design and style, we are able to offer you an objective opinion on what to wear on your simple wedding dress . During a wedding dress appointment in our bridal studio, we can advise you on how to style your wedding dress using jackets, capes, overskirts and veils to achieve your ideal look for your wedding dress. wedding. All you have to do is make an appointment with our wedding site.

Outfits esate 2019 curvy: at every occasion its look

Summer 2019 outfit: curvy look!

For an aperitif with friends or an informal occasion, the romantic top with bardot neckline and puff sleeves is ideal and easily matches both with slim high-waisted jeans perfect for highlighting the waist, and with soft or soft skirts palazzo pants.

Comfortable and versatile, the whole suit can not miss the appeal between the curvy summer 2019 outfits . To be preferred in practical fabrics such as denim or cotton, wear it with a shirt with particular details for an elegant occasion, or a short-sleeved t-shirt for a more casual and informal appointment.

Emblem of elegance, the suit is the quintessential piece of the wardrobe. To date, this garment boasts many women who love to decline it and play it down in casual chic style, wearing it with chunky sneakers and flat shoes.

If you are looking for a suit for a ceremony, opt for a model with palazzo and high-waisted trousers that enhance the waist and a solid-color blazer , always focusing on colorful and bright colors. If, on the other hand, you are more gear-oriented, prefer the version in light and fluttering fabric to contrast high temperatures, such as the one in lilac tulle proposed in the ASOS catalog : the important thing is to find the model that makes you feel yourself!

Among the accessories to have to enhance any outfit, from the most romantic to the more casual, the belt certainly occupies a prominent place . An example? The one proposed in the new Intrend catalog, white, semi-gloss effect and with square buckle .

Wedding season: the season of ceremonies

Complete in delicate pastel shades, romantic long jumpsuits and cocktail dresses: the outfits for ceremonies and weddings of the coolest summer 2019 have already paraded on the street.

Summer 2019 outfit: the season of ceremonies. Source:

Do you love clothes with simple cuts and colors but want to focus on the surprise effect? Opt for a precious but at the same time refined fabric and play with the material of the dress. In lace, like the powder pink version of ASOS , it will be perfect for an afternoon ceremony that will last until late in the evening, instead focusing on more decisive shades such as light blue or dark blue , such as that proposed by Michael Kors for a day ceremony.

The perfect accessory? A precious and sparkling clutch . If you don’t want to give up trousers, bet on the jumpsuit, a feminine and comfortable garment, suitable for any ceremony. Here, too, you always prefer light and fluffy fabrics, such as the satin model from ASOS , in order to combat the sultry summer temperatures.

The choice of footwear will be very important : if the day permits, wear one of the sparkling silver sandals with heels , otherwise you can always rely on the timeless elegance of the classic décolleté .

What to pack for the summer holidays

The most awaited moment of the year is coming and “suitcase anxiety” is rising!

It will have already happened to you: carefully prepare all the items to take on vacation but then, when you finally arrive at your destination, you always find yourself using the same ones!

Preparing a balanced and functional suitcase is simple, just follow a few little tricks.

Leave the superfluous at home.

The moment of departure arrives, the desire to take everything with you is so great! But do not fall into the mistake of bringing with you also things that you will surely not use.

When preparing your travel bag, think. Do you really need a sarong in the mountains?

Prepare only the garments that you realistically believe to use and concentrate on those.

What to pack, clever leaders.

There are few really essential pieces to take with you on vacation.

Evergreen clothing, to be used for both the sportiest and most glamorous looks.

Choose a jeans , the passepartout trousers par excellence! Comfortable and versatile, it has long been cleared through customs for even the most chic combinations.

Don’t forget a polo shirt , fresh and sporty. The polo shirt is the most sought-after shirt of the simple T-shirt but always casual. Ideal to keep on hand when you want a holiday look.

In your holiday suitcase, always leave a space for a cardigan . In the evening the temperature drops, having a light golf on hand can make a difference!

Finally, a well-organized suitcase does not neglect more elegant garments, suitable for the evening or for an aperitif with friends.

Yes to wide skirts and skirt-pants models . These garments are depopulating in summer 2017, capable as they are of combining practicality and elegance.

Bring with you also a dress suitable for several different occasions ; maybe a tunic or kaftan, to be modeled with a maxi belt in neutral tones.

Preparing the perfect suitcase for the holidays is not impossible, just don’t get caught up in the illusion of being able to use everything we don’t wear for normal things in a whole season!

Happy holiday!

Ruffle dresses, the fabric insert that gives movement

The ruffles are among the great protagonists of the current fashion season.

Light and fresh , they know how to give movement to dresses and blouses in a simple and original way.

It is a fabric insert that is curled and applied on the garment in strategic points. It captures attention and can be used to emphasize a particular point.

Summer fashion 2017 sees a great return of this detail.

We find it in the dresses with the boat neckline but also as an accessory, instead of the sleeves and shoulder straps.

Ruffle dresses, because they are so popular.

What is striking is certainly the fluidity given to each movement .

It also breaks the most essential lines and the solid color. It is fresh and light, caresses the skin and is perfect in romantic looks.

The trendy garments for this summer 2017 are sweaters and blouses with contrasting inserts or in particular fabrics.

Perfect for enhancing a simple jeans; do not go unnoticed in the formal dress.

The ruffle will also be the protagonist of the next winter season together with the ruffles. Fashion is increasingly “curled” and the different seasonal fabrics and colors are no longer seen as a limit.

We will find them, therefore, also in fall / winter version declined in total black and white.

Which fabrics to choose?

Not all fabrics are suitable in the same way to give the right effect to the ruffle dress.

For the most refined or ceremonial garments, yes satin , silk , georgette . If you are looking for a more casual or sporty dress or blouse, the ideal is the classic cotton .

In any case, the perfect ruffle is the full-bodied one , capable of having almost a life of its own, which moves but always returns perfect.

Have you also purchased a ruffle garment? Have you chosen a dress or shirt? How do you match it in your outfit?

We look forward to hearing about your ideas and proposals in the comments area!

Summer 2019 outfit: looks to live a summer in style

Finally the warm season has arrived and, with her, many opportunities to show off the best wardrobe looks. From the informal aperitif between friends to an elegant dinner, passing through the new modern vintage trend and some curvy proposals, discover with us the must-have garments and combinations from which to take inspiration for your summer 2019 outfits!

Summer 2019 outfit: a look for every occasion!

With the arrival of summer, the days get longer and the temperatures get warmer. Day after day our agendas are filled with commitments and appointments such as a post-work aperitif or a special outdoor dinner , where sometimes there is a precise dress code to be respected, while for others the only thing that matters is wear what makes us feel good and comfortable.

We have selected for you some proposals directly from the street style from which to take inspiration to help you build your summer 2019 outfits : from the casual chic style and the modern vintage so loved among the fashion victims, passing through the curvy looks and the proposals in view of the upcoming season of ceremonies.

We recommend …

8 fashion trends for next spring / summer 2019

Casual chic outfit, from the office to the aperitif

In summer, the casual chic combinations will allow you to better express your more playful and playful side by  mixing patterns, different styles and giving your personal touch to each look.

Summer 2019 outfit, casual chic looks. Source:

After a long and endless day of work , happy hour finally arrives, that happy hour where you can sip a few cocktails and joke with friends.

For this occasion, among the proposals that we have selected for you, we could not fail to include in this category that trend which, season after season, has become consolidated as a valid alternative to the more classic office suit: the pajama set . Among the summer 2019 outfits this look definitely deserves a special mention: comfortable and versatile, thanks to the numerous variations proposed by the brands, it can solve many dilemmas. The fabric must be as precious as possible, with a soft and light consistency, but in this look accessories will have a key role : for the occasion you can combine a refined version of kitten hells such as the total-white ones by Michael Kors and a practiceshoulder bag in nude shades of Intrend.

The inevitable garment in any summer wardrobe is jeans or white trousers which always turns out to be a fundamental ally, as it is perfect for any occasion. Easy to combine, you can wear it with more structured shirts or floating blouses, but also with plain t-shirts or maxi logo in sight and a blazer on the shoulders.

The final touch? A handbag in neutral shades like the one signed by Michael Kors, and moccasins or ballet flats on the ground.

But the summer 2019 outfits also include a well-studied mix of patterns, colors and styles : combine an elegant dress with floral print like the one proposed by ASOS with a shirt andtotal-white sneakers , it seems to be the must-have combination of this year.

The straw hat, an accessory with timeless elegance

The straw hat is a timeless accessory that can be used in infinite combinations.

From the most glamorous outfits, with a sundress and low sandal , to the more casual ones, with a shirt and a particular jeans , up to the timeless beach look, with the maxi kaftan and a precious sandal .

Especially in summer, when the weather gets hot, the straw hat will be the perfect ally to feel elegant and protect yourself from the sun.

Like many garments that have become must haves, the straw hat has its roots in popular tradition. Before becoming the favorite accessory of the great divas of the 50s to protect their beauty from the sun, the straw hat was used by women who worked in the fields to create a little shade above the head during the hottest hours.

For example, in the film “Bitter rice”, with the timeless Silvana Mangano, you often see yourself covering the head of the rice peasants, the rice field workers.

The straw hat evokes in our imagination a scenario of seaside holidays, like a movie star.

Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot; but also Julia Roberts in the film “Pretty Woman” in the scene of her wild shopping, proving the fact that it is not just a beach accessory.

The strength of the straw hat lies in the infinite variety of its forms .

There are those with very wide brim, capable of covering the shoulders; those who remember Panama; the French-style models flattened above the head and those with caps.

Even the weaving of straw can make the difference, perhaps with a contrasting fabric that makes it stand out.

It is an accessory that can be personalized in many different ways , playing with the colors and sizes of the ribbons that are usually applied between the top of the garment and the brim of the hat or by applying a particular pin that speaks of our style.

Is there perhaps a more elegant and feminine gesture of taking off a straw hat in one movement and waving your hair in the wind to revive the fold? We believe not!

Dresses with prints, the fabric is colored

The dresses with the prints dress the fabric in color, with ever-changing floral patterns, always new.

In summer, the printed fabric becomes the protagonist, with a mix of colors and motifs that alternate and break the routine of the solid color.

Why exactly in summer? Because it is the season of light, of color; golden skin and sunset over the sea.

In summer everything becomes play, fantasy, there is a desire for freshness, to interrupt the daily routine. The dresses with the prints are the one-way ticket to this journey in color.

Never excessive, if combined with art they can be a real passepartout from morning to evening, from the office to the aperitif.

Dresses with prints, how to choose them?

As often happens in fashion, the answer may be that the only limit is your imagination!

The offer on the market is so wide, varied and rich that there are prints and fabrics, packed in as many dresses, sweaters, blouses and pants for all tastes.

From the 70s optical geometric to the boho chic floral print; from the visionary fantasy mix that combines all different motifs but together, capable of having a fantasy flavor to the minimal, essential print.

The dresses with the prints are perfect to be combined with a classic solid color garment.

Do you want to give personality to a white T-shirt? With a printed maxi skirt and a low lace-up you will have an original, unique day outfit.

Arriving ceremony? Try a long dress revised in a printed key. The charm of a dress that reaches down to the feet made original by a motif capable of giving the dress its own personality.

Dresses with prints are suitable for use in many different situations.

Perfect for the beach, over the years they have been able to find their place also in the urban and ceremonial styles.

We know how important details are, how they are capable of making a difference.