Outfits esate 2019 curvy: at every occasion its look

Summer 2019 outfit: curvy look!

For an aperitif with friends or an informal occasion, the romantic top with bardot neckline and puff sleeves is ideal and easily matches both with slim high-waisted jeans perfect for highlighting the waist, and with soft or soft skirts palazzo pants.

Comfortable and versatile, the whole suit can not miss the appeal between the curvy summer 2019 outfits . To be preferred in practical fabrics such as denim or cotton, wear it with a shirt with particular details for an elegant occasion, or a short-sleeved t-shirt for a more casual and informal appointment.

Emblem of elegance, the suit is the quintessential piece of the wardrobe. To date, this garment boasts many women who love to decline it and play it down in casual chic style, wearing it with chunky sneakers and flat shoes.

If you are looking for a suit for a ceremony, opt for a model with palazzo and high-waisted trousers that enhance the waist and a solid-color blazer , always focusing on colorful and bright colors. If, on the other hand, you are more gear-oriented, prefer the version in light and fluttering fabric to contrast high temperatures, such as the one in lilac tulle proposed in the ASOS catalog : the important thing is to find the model that makes you feel yourself!

Among the accessories to have to enhance any outfit, from the most romantic to the more casual, the belt certainly occupies a prominent place . An example? The one proposed in the new Intrend catalog, white, semi-gloss effect and with square buckle .

Wedding season: the season of ceremonies

Complete in delicate pastel shades, romantic long jumpsuits and cocktail dresses: the outfits for ceremonies and weddings of the coolest summer 2019 have already paraded on the street.

Summer 2019 outfit: the season of ceremonies. Source: pinterest.com

Do you love clothes with simple cuts and colors but want to focus on the surprise effect? Opt for a precious but at the same time refined fabric and play with the material of the dress. In lace, like the powder pink version of ASOS , it will be perfect for an afternoon ceremony that will last until late in the evening, instead focusing on more decisive shades such as light blue or dark blue , such as that proposed by Michael Kors for a day ceremony.

The perfect accessory? A precious and sparkling clutch . If you don’t want to give up trousers, bet on the jumpsuit, a feminine and comfortable garment, suitable for any ceremony. Here, too, you always prefer light and fluffy fabrics, such as the satin model from ASOS , in order to combat the sultry summer temperatures.

The choice of footwear will be very important : if the day permits, wear one of the sparkling silver sandals with heels , otherwise you can always rely on the timeless elegance of the classic décolleté .

What to pack for the summer holidays

The most awaited moment of the year is coming and “suitcase anxiety” is rising!

It will have already happened to you: carefully prepare all the items to take on vacation but then, when you finally arrive at your destination, you always find yourself using the same ones!

Preparing a balanced and functional suitcase is simple, just follow a few little tricks.

Leave the superfluous at home.

The moment of departure arrives, the desire to take everything with you is so great! But do not fall into the mistake of bringing with you also things that you will surely not use.

When preparing your travel bag, think. Do you really need a sarong in the mountains?

Prepare only the garments that you realistically believe to use and concentrate on those.

What to pack, clever leaders.

There are few really essential pieces to take with you on vacation.

Evergreen clothing, to be used for both the sportiest and most glamorous looks.

Choose a jeans , the passepartout trousers par excellence! Comfortable and versatile, it has long been cleared through customs for even the most chic combinations.

Don’t forget a polo shirt , fresh and sporty. The polo shirt is the most sought-after shirt of the simple T-shirt but always casual. Ideal to keep on hand when you want a holiday look.

In your holiday suitcase, always leave a space for a cardigan . In the evening the temperature drops, having a light golf on hand can make a difference!

Finally, a well-organized suitcase does not neglect more elegant garments, suitable for the evening or for an aperitif with friends.

Yes to wide skirts and skirt-pants models . These garments are depopulating in summer 2017, capable as they are of combining practicality and elegance.

Bring with you also a dress suitable for several different occasions ; maybe a tunic or kaftan, to be modeled with a maxi belt in neutral tones.

Preparing the perfect suitcase for the holidays is not impossible, just don’t get caught up in the illusion of being able to use everything we don’t wear for normal things in a whole season!

Happy holiday!

Ruffle dresses, the fabric insert that gives movement

The ruffles are among the great protagonists of the current fashion season.

Light and fresh , they know how to give movement to dresses and blouses in a simple and original way.

It is a fabric insert that is curled and applied on the garment in strategic points. It captures attention and can be used to emphasize a particular point.

Summer fashion 2017 sees a great return of this detail.

We find it in the dresses with the boat neckline but also as an accessory, instead of the sleeves and shoulder straps.

Ruffle dresses, because they are so popular.

What is striking is certainly the fluidity given to each movement .

It also breaks the most essential lines and the solid color. It is fresh and light, caresses the skin and is perfect in romantic looks.

The trendy garments for this summer 2017 are sweaters and blouses with contrasting inserts or in particular fabrics.

Perfect for enhancing a simple jeans; do not go unnoticed in the formal dress.

The ruffle will also be the protagonist of the next winter season together with the ruffles. Fashion is increasingly “curled” and the different seasonal fabrics and colors are no longer seen as a limit.

We will find them, therefore, also in fall / winter version declined in total black and white.

Which fabrics to choose?

Not all fabrics are suitable in the same way to give the right effect to the ruffle dress.

For the most refined or ceremonial garments, yes satin , silk , georgette . If you are looking for a more casual or sporty dress or blouse, the ideal is the classic cotton .

In any case, the perfect ruffle is the full-bodied one , capable of having almost a life of its own, which moves but always returns perfect.

Have you also purchased a ruffle garment? Have you chosen a dress or shirt? How do you match it in your outfit?

We look forward to hearing about your ideas and proposals in the comments area!